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Parent group shows appreciation to elementary special education staff

Becky White knows that the special education staff at the three Nooksack Valley Schools elementary schools have one of the hardest jobs in the district. White, Tammy Rawls and a group of parents decided to let those teachers know just how much they mean to the community.

“They go above and beyond,” White says about the teachers. “A lot of people in the community rallied for a little token of how much we do appreciate and value these teachers.”

The parent group received donations and was able to hold an appreciation day with snacks, fake flower bouquets, $5 gift cards from The Woods Coffee and cards of encouragement. “They were all completely blown away and so surprised and I have messages from teacher that this was the best thing to end the year,” White says.

The effort spanned more than one school. Deciding to use the community support to show teachers they are “appreciated and valued” also included special education paraeducators at all three elementary schools, totaling 24 teachers and staff in all. “The idea was what can we do to support teachers and love them and get them through the end of the year,” White says. “We have a wonderful community that helped with all of this. 

“We love our teachers and wanted to show teachers and para-educators how much, as a community, we value them. They deserve this.”