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Everson fifth grader a bilingual inspiration to first graders

Every morning in Room 302 at Everson Elementary, fifth-grade student Shere makes the day of an entire first-grade classroom. Miss Shere, as she’s known in Room 302, comes in, reading with the students in both English and Spanish, playing math games and taking her role as a “buddy” to a new level.

“It has been an incredible experience for Shere, my kids and for me as the teacher,” says Samantha Probadora, first-grade teacher. “She is so inspiring.”

Shere says she loves to connect with younger kids and gets excited to see them smile and be happy. “I want to be part of their happiness at school,” she says. “They inspire me to be a good role model and I love to connect with the younger kids who look like me and speak the same language as me. I enjoy learning about them and getting to know them more and have a good positive connection.”

Along the way, Shere gets to see the values that first-graders can bring to each other. “I see them always asking each other how they are feeling and being kind and helping each other out and also solving problems on their own,” Shere says. “This teaches me that kids, even when they are young, can be kind, successful and work things out by themselves. This has helped me and inspired me to also try to be helpful and be kind toward other people.”

Shere says that with some of the younger students speaking Spanish, it has inspired her to be proud of her Latina heritage and speak her own language as she helps them grow in both English and Spanish understanding.

Along with the connections, Shere has plenty of dreams for the first-grade students. “I hope that the younger kids learn that they can be successful and persevere when things get hard. I hope that when Miss Probadora’s kids are in fifth grade, they learn things and inspire and connect with younger kids,” Shere says. “I also hope that the Latino boys and girls are encouraged to continue talking and reading in Spanish because it is really important to us and our family. I hope that when they get to fifth grade they remember that they can still do hard things and get through it, that it isn’t has hard as when they thought about it in first grade and that they can be themselves and be proud of who they are and the language they speak.”

Shere has a lot of hopes for the students in Room 302. And she’s there helping make them happen.