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NV Schools counselors organized special parent night

In an effort to connect with parents and students, counselors at Nooksack Valley Schools recently hosted a parent night. And there’s likely more on the way.

Held at Nooksack Valley Middle School, the counselors invited families to focus on executive function skills, which refer to the mental processes crucial for learning and healthy development. As Kylie Klassen, the district’s school psychologist, served as the guest speaker, parents learned strategies on how to support the development of executive function skills at home. The skills continue to develop in children into early adulthood.

Parents and guardians also broke into groups, based on the age of students, for more specific age-appropriate strategies. At the elementary level, says Everson Elementary school counselor Kirsi Antunes, parents were introduced to resources along with a chance to try out a variety of games and activities that strengthen executive function. The middle and high school age group heard about what teachers are doing at these levels to support continued growth.

“The district’s school counselors have wanted to focus on connecting with parents though the Counselor Connections nights,” Antunes says. Last year the group organized three nights covering bullying prevention, suicide prevention and anxiety. The executive function event was the most well attended yet, with nearly 40 adults and 35 students on hand.