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NV Schools hosting winter activities sign-up event

Every K-5 family in NV Schools is invited to the Oct. 10 winter activities sign-up evening at Nooksack Elementary, an ongoing effort to connect students and organizations with activities aimed at enriching the lives of students.

The evening events run seasonally, hosted by Nooksack Valley Schools as a way to get the word out about different sports and activities available to students in the area.

The winter event is at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 10, at Nooksack Elementary School.

“They help our families get connected with different sports teams and extra-curricular activities,” says Richelle Newton, Everson Elementary office assistant. “Many families know there are activities and sports out there, but aren’t sure who to contact and when they need to be signing up. The schools are a great place to start, but we wanted to cut out the middle man and connect them directly with the people in charge.”

At the event, each sport or activity group invited to participate will be on hand to educate families about what they have to offer and potentially sign them up on the spot. Some groups already committed to attending are Nooksack Valley Girls Youth Sports (basketball), Nooksack Valley Boys Youth Basketball, the YMCA, CampFire, Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts. Others will get added to the list.

Translators are available during the evening to help Spanish-speaking families.

For anyone in the community involved in a youth organization hoping to participate in the winter event or the spring event, contact Newton at 360-966-2030.