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Nooksack Elementary barbecue a family-filled success


The second weekend in September provided one of those opportunities where students looked forward to heading to school on a Saturday. During Nooksack Elementary School’s Back to School BBQ, sponsored by the Nooksack Elementary PTA, families flocked to the school to enjoy food, games and plenty of fun.

“One of our key goals as a school this year is to foster a feeling of community, family, love and relationships,” says Katie Brown, interim principal. “This event was a perfect example of this vision in action.”


The PTA grilled and served over 250 hamburgers and hot dogs while families brought additional side dishes to share. The Sugar Shack truck joined in for some fun treats and there were games aplenty on site at the school.

“It was wonderful seeing our students, families and staff playing, eating and laughing together,” Brown says. “A huge thanks to our creative PTA.”

For more photos of the event, check out the Nooksack Valley Schools Facebook page.