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Everson Elementary runs bike training course for students

With summer around the corner and many of the Everson Elementary students soon heading onto local streets on their bicycles, Everson Elementary held a bike training course, led by PE teacher Coral Edin.

Everson has a history of bike skills courses, but it had been five years since the school offered a road course training. This year the road coarse returned with an additional element: a mountain bike skills course.

Open to all third through fifth graders, the students learned about checking tires, breaks and chains, helmet fit, road and traffic safety (signs, lights, riding on the right side of the road) and even mountain bike elements such as ramps and bridges.

“The students were ecstatic to spend time on the course,” Edin says. “Everyone practiced something familiar and also tried something new. Their smiles were gigantic, they participated for every minute possible and they’re very skilled on the mountain bike course elements.”

A partnership with Whatcom Smart Trips, Chris Mellick of Ride Run and Dig and Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition make the event possible.

“The bike skills course opened the door for follow-up conversations about bike safety,” Edin says. “Now we have not only a great shared experience, but a reference point to bring up helmet fit, the quick check, road safety and mountain bike skills.” 

And it all comes just in time for summer.