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Volunteers Help Nooksack Kindergartners Create Birdhouses

One-by-one the kindergarten students at Nooksack Elementary ventured outside their classroom into the May sunshine, each receiving one-on-one time with a professional construction worker to create their own culminating project: a wooden birdhouse.

What started about four years ago in Leeann Handy’s class, having her husband, Chuck, owner of Handy Homes, help her students build birdhouses. has grown into a full-fledged birdhouse operation. For the past few years, Chuck’s crew of workers joins him as they help all four classes of kindergarten students—about 75 students in all at Nooksack Elementary—come up with their own creation.

As kindergarten students learn about wood during science class, including what can be made with wood, the birdhouse comes as a perfect culminating project, Leeann says.

With donations from Westside Building Supply for the wood, nails, glue and even smaller hammers for the students, Chuck takes the wood and cuts the pieces in his shop, getting everything ready for the big build day. The crew comes to school and each adult works with a kindergartner outside to construct their own personal birdhouse, helping them through the process of gluing and nailing the houses together.

To help wrap up the project the week before Mother’s Day, the classes then paint the birdhouses and have them available as a Mother’s Day gift.