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Everson Auto Parts partners with NV Schools to give back to schools

The owners of Everson Auto Parts had their lives shaped, in part, by Nooksack Valley Schools. Now they want to help others have that same experience by giving back 5 percent of sales to the school district.

“As new business owners within Everson Auto Parts, we sat down and said how can we give back to the community that gave so much to us,” says Kayla Salmonson, daughter of owners Troy and Kelli Allen. “We have all gone to Nooksack Valley Schools. We were all raised here and it has been our home for many, many years.”

The Allens, who have been part owners of the store for about six years, took over full ownership in December 2017. The Nooksack Valley Schools program will run indefinitely, Salmonson says, with the hope that Everson Auto Parts can present a check to the school board every quarter.

To qualify for the program, customers must mention they want to use their sale to donate to Nooksack Valley Schools and have it not be part of a charge account. For questions, stop into the store at 106 W. Main St., Everson.

“We are doing this to be able to give back to our local school district that helps shape the future of this community,” Salmonson says. “These kids are the future of our community and want to give back to that.”