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Celebrating NV Pride

NV Pride. It encompasses preschoolers, middle school students and everyone at the high school. The new districtwide mantra at Nooksack Valley Schools aims to promote the unique nature of three communities coming together to form Nooksack Valley and the history of success in the schools.

NV Pride. Originated from the high school this summer, principal Matt Galley says it comes as a way to celebrate the pride students have long taken in doing more with less—whether a 900-square-foot weight room on an old stage or a metal shop housed in a converted 1954 bus garage, both which have been updated as part of construction projects—and the fact that students have long made the most of what they had and still did well academically, as measured by state assessments.

“We’re very proud of being teachers, staff members and administrators out here at Nooksack Valley and we know the kids are proud to be from here,” Galley says. “Now if we give them these new spaces, they can take pride in the fact that the community cares so much about them.”

NV Pride. It now also comes from taking care of the remodeled spaces at the high school and a brand-new middle school. Whether one of the nicest weight rooms across the entire state or a middle school as ideal as any other facility in the county, Galley says NV Pride takes on more than just doing more with less, but includes valuing those new spaces.

“It is not just about the new facilities,” Galley says. “We are three great communities that come together to form Nooksack Valley and we are making sure kids realize they are in a great place. They are not just from Nooksack, but from an awesome, small, unique community that cares about them.”

The NV Pride backbone also has an in-school practicality, as Pride creates an acronym for use by teachers. NV Pride is persisting through difficult tasks and embracing the challenge; respecting the opinions of others, even if they differ from yours; inclusive in approach, bringing people together instead of pushing away; dedicated to each other and the task at hand; and effort never less than 100 percent, no matter the task.

NV Pride, Galley says, is about giving a best effort and expecting no less of yourself, whether a classroom assignment, a game, concert, practice, performance, rehearsal or early morning workout. “It is about trying your hardest, especially when no one is watching,” he says. “It is about being proud of who you are and where you come from.”

NV Pride will come up at the high school throughout the year, as staff will engage students in discussions from day one about the characteristics of NV Pride and promote the students who engage in those characteristics. “When kids are caught persisting or being inclusive, we want to be able to promote that,” Galley says. “We want to catch kids doing the right thing, being proud of where they are from and focusing on getting better at whatever they are doing.”

NV Pride.