Replacement Levy 2024

WHAT?  On February 13, 2024, the Nooksack Valley School District is seeking voter approval to replace the expiring levy. 

WHY  State and Federal dollars do not fully fund the day-to-day operations of the school district.  Virtually every school district in the state relies on a local levy to fund this gap.  These essential programs include:

·         School Safety

·         Smaller class sizes

·         Support staff such as counselors, nurses, custodial and maintenance staff, paraprofessionals, teachers on special assignment, etc.

·         Expanded mental health staffing

·         Athletics (coaches, equipment, officials, transportation)

·         Co-curricular activities such as music, drama, and various clubs

·         Facilities maintenance

·         Instructional materials and school supplies

·         Technology

·         Professional Development for Staff

·         Field Trips

·         After school and summer school programs

·         Utilities and Insurance


In November, the school board will pass a resolution for a replacement levy measure to be placed on the ballot before the voters in February.  Below are the amounts the board is considering;


Levy Amt. Collected    

Rate per $1000    

Yearly tax inc. on $400K home    





















           *Voter approved

·         $2.50/1000 is the “lid” districts can ask for.

·         Almost all districts in our region are asking for the maximum amount.

·         Our rates will continue to be below the maximum, we only ask for what we need.

·         Yearly tax could go down with new construction added to assessed values.

·         The increases are due in part to enrollment growth and inflation, we are also considering adding a school resource officer and attending to other safety needs (e.g. cameras in high school, Nooksack and Everson Elementary)