High School

COVID-19 symptoms but haven't had any exposure to someone with the virus? CLICK HERE and follow this flow chart to see Washington State Health Department's recommendations.

See below for a copy of the email sent to parents on January 26, 2021

We have been approved by the health department to expand to a Full Day Hybrid schedule starting the week of February 8th. Below are some key items to be aware of:

  • Monday will remain a fully remote day.
  • Morning bus times will be similar to current times for half-day hybrid
  • Students will continue to attend on the days they are now, but attend all 6 classes
  • They will be eating lunch on campus.

Since this change is over a week away, please look for another email next Wednesday with key details regarding steps teachers are taking to mitigate for added screen time, what in person days vs at home days will look like, and important health/safety considerations for lunch time.

For now, since we are doubling the amount of in person time, it is imperative that students who are scheduled to attend actually attend on their scheduled day. Please reach out if and let us know if your plans have changed.

As always, please check our reopening page on the website for further information: https://www.nv.k12.wa.us/reopening/high-school

For now, encourage your student to finish the semester strong and to expect new TEAMS invites by Monday. Let us know if you have any questions,