• This is important information for students riding school buses in the Nooksack Valley School District. Parents are asked to review this information with their student riders to help make their bus ride safe and pleasant.

  • Transportation Office Hours are 6:00 AM to 4:15 PM.  Phone: 360-966-2311 (If no answer, please leave a message)

  • Anytime that traffic and/or road conditions affect the operation of our school buses, we may need to alter and/or cancel bus service. During inclement weather we will notify the Nooksack Valley community via local radio and social media of any changes or cancellations.


Kindergarten and Preschool students need to be MET at the bus stop by a parent/guardian, or another adult.  A kindergarten student can be released from the bus with an older sibling with parent/guardian permission.  If you are a parent of a kindergarten or preschool student, please communicate to your bus driver or the Transportation Office if someone other than you will be meeting your student.  We have found that for many young students riding the bus can be quite an anxious time.  Our drivers and bus aids on the preschool buses will do everything they can to help make the ride less stressful.  If you become aware of a problem please speak with the driver as soon as possible so it can be dealt with in a timely manner.


Students and parents should know that for safety and student behavior management, activity on our school buses are recorded using a video/audio recording system installed on our buses.


The Nooksack Valley School District and WAC 392-145 set forth behavior expectations for students riding school buses.  The school bus ride is considered an extension of the school day and students are expected to behave in a way that is consistent with school and classroom expectations.  School bus drivers are responsible for the supervision of students from the time the bus arrives at the bus stop in the morning until the time the students are safely unloaded at the school; and from loading at the school in the afternoon until students are safely unloaded at their bus stop.  Following in this information are the Rules of Conduct for Students Riding School Buses.  Violations of the rules of conduct on buses will be dealt with in a progressive way.  Lower level violations will be reported directly to parents by bus drivers and discipline applied on the bus (i.e. assigned seats etc.)  More serious or exceptional misconduct will be reported to school principals.  Discipline for major misconduct and repeated violations may include suspension and or revocation of the student's bus riding privilege, as well as in school discipline.


Students should be waiting at their designated school bus stop AT LEAST 5 MINUTES prior to their assigned pick up time.  Drivers are instructed not to arrive at stops early if possible, and also not to wait at stops for students who are not there.  Please help us to be on time by being at your stop 5 minutes early.

Students are allowed to depart the bus ONLY at their assigned stop.  Exceptions to this can be made by pre-arrangement with a note from a parent delivered to the school office or by calling the transportation office.


* Students must obey the driver and any other staff member assigned to the bus.

* Students may only ride their assigned bus unless pre-arrangements have been made.

* Students are not allowed to depart the bus at any stop other than their assigned stop.

* Students must remain in  their assigned seat.

* Students shall observe classroom conduct on the bus.  Noise shall be kept to a minimum, and no obscene gestures allowed.

* No smoking or ignition source of any kind is allowed on the bus.  (Lighters, matches etc.)

* No eating or drinking on the bus unless specifically allowed by the driver.

* Students shall not open windows without driver permission.

* Students must keep all body parts inside the bus at all times.

* Items prohibited on the bus include: sticks, sharp objects such as scissors, pens, pencils. (These items must be contained in      backpacks/book bags.)  Breakable containers, weapons, skateboards, firearms, large, bulky items which cannot be held on lap or placed on the floor between legs.

* Books/backpacks and other personal items must be kept out of the aisle and emergency doorways.

* No animals are allowed except service animals of disabled students.

* Students shall not sit in drivers seat.

* Students shall refrain from talking to the driver unless necessary.

* Students shall go directly to a seat upon loading the bus and remain properly seated at all times, facing forward.

* Students must load and unload the bus in an orderly manner, no shoving or pushing.

* Students shall not cross the street behind the bus.

* Students shall stand away from the roadway/curb when any bus is approaching or leaving a stop.

* Students going to and from their bus stop where there are no sidewalks should walk on the left side of the road facing traffic.

* Students shall go directly to their home after leaving the bus.

* Students shall use lap belts on buses if equipped.

* Students shall follow emergency exit drill procedures as instructed by drivers.

* Students shall not tamper with emergency doors or equipment.

* Parents of students identified as causing damage to buses shall be charged with the cost of incurred damage.

* Students misconduct shall constitute sufficient reason for suspending transportation privileges.

* Students may bring cell phones to school and on the bus, but they MUST be turned off and stored in the students backpack.  Students may call their parents if they ask for and receive permission from the driver to do so.

* Electronic equipment, ie: Cameras, CD/MP3 players, Game Boys etc. are NOT ALLOWED on the bus.  If found these items will be turned into the child's school office to be returned at a later time.

A Public Service Announcement from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Regarding Motorists and Student Safety