Everson Elementary Emergency Bus Routes

Please note: Departure time indicates the time the buses will depart from the bus garage and approximate times for each stop on the emergency route. Buses WILL stop along these routes where students are waiting.

Bus #8, Bill Depart Time: 8:25 am
All stops on Mission Rd. to Strandell St.
8:32 Mission & Central 8:36 Mission & Pole
8:38 Mission & Sulwhanon Dr. 8:40 Mission & Suchanon
8:40 Everson Rd., Strandell St. & Roeder St.


Bus #22, Rhonda Depart Time: 8:25 am
All stops on Everson-Goshen Rd. from Tiger Construction to Everson Elementary.
8:31 Everson-Goshen & Tiger Construction 8:38 Pole Rd. turn-around
8:43 Sable Dr. 8:45 Chestnut & Oakdale