Current Director Districts

As stated in RCW 28A.343.040, “It is the responsibility of each school district board of directors to prepare for the division or redivision of the district into director districts no later than eight months after any of the following:

(a) Receipt of federal decennial census data from the redistricting commission established in RCW 44.05.030;”

There is a three-step, public process we must take to approve changes to our existing director districts. The first step, public notice, happened during the NVSD Board of Directors meeting Thursday, October 21, where the draft plans you see on the website were shared. Below are the criteria set forth:

(a)  Each internal director district shall be as nearly equal in population as possible to each and every other such district comprising the school district.

(b)  Each district shall be as compact as possible.

(c)  Each district shall consist of geographically contiguous area.

(d)  Population data may not be used for purposes of favoring or disfavoring any racial group or political party.

(e)  To the extent feasible and if not inconsistent with the basic enabling legislation for the district, the district boundaries shall coincide with existing recognized natural boundaries and shall, to the extent possible, preserve existing communities of related and mutual interest.

Having received no inquiries through the public comment period, and meeting with all legal guidelines, the NVSD Board unanimously approved the redistricting plan set forth. Below is a map of the current lines and a link to the legal description. 

Current Director Districts with 2 At-Large Directors

First page of the PDF file: RedistrictingProposal

To read a legal description of the new districts click LegalDescription.pdf