NVHS Hosting Career Day with 45 Community Presenters

NVHS Hosting Career Day with 45 Community Presenters
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To connect high school to the lives students will see after high school, Nooksack Valley High School is running a career day on Tuesday, March 21. With 45 community presenters on track to connect with students, "Career Day is one of many ways to help connect those dots" between high school and life after, says Lauren Olson, NVHS Be The One Mentor coordinator. 

Olson says the event came together with the help of staff brainstorming local community members and businesses that would help make the event a success. "It was honestly amazing to see how quick we had a list of over 60," Olson says. 

Career Day will consist of three 30-minute sessions with groups of 10 to 35 students per session. Each speaker can share their work experiences up to three times, set up in a classroom hosted by a NVHS staff member. Students register for the three sessions that interest them most. 

With NVHS already grouping its classes in five main "majors," Olson says they worked to get speakers for each of the areas. The result was a "wide range of community members," including media producers, arts entrepreneur Louie Gong, CPA Tanya Silves, Everson mayor John Perry, attorneys, legislative analyst Laura Gelwicks Han, a postdoctoral scholar from the University of Washington, local contractors, BP operator Trevon Myhre, dentists, firefighters and plenty more.