NV Schools Launches App for Parents to Track Student’s Bus Location

NV Schools Launches App for Parents to Track Student’s Bus Location
NV Media

For parents unsure if they already missed their student’s bus, curious as to how close the bus is to dropping their student off after school or simply want to see the progress of their student on the bus route, Nooksack Valley Schools has partnered with the Zonar MyView app to allow school bus tracking. 

“It is to help make things easier for parents knowing where the bus is and perhaps if it is running late to look and see where it is,” says Chris Haugen, the district’s transportation director. “This allows parents to track their child’s school bus, and their child’s bus only, in the morning and afternoon.” 

Another highlight of the app allows parents to create a bubble around their home or pickup location, so they receive an alert when the bus has entered that bubble. 

NV Schools has worked through a soft opening and ironed out early question marks, now resolved to the point Haugen feels confident rolling it out to the entire district. Every NV Schools bus is equipped with the tracking. 

“We talked to some parents doing a trial run on it and those using it so far think it is a great tool,” Haugen says. “We feel we are now ready to launch.” 

Zonar MyView is available as an app for both Android and iOS. After downloading the app, parents must input the district’s access code of 2311. From there, parents need to enter their student’s unique student identification number. For purposes of the app, when entering the ID number, start with the 9 (do not enter the zero that begins the number). From there, parents can then set their own preferences within the app regarding alerts.