NV Board: Halli Kimball Offering a Fresh Perspective

NV Board: Halli Kimball Offering a Fresh Perspective
NV Media

Halli Kimball measures her time on the Nooksack Valley School Board in weeks, not years, and that newness allows her to bring a fresh perspective to the board. 

Newly chosen during the November 2021 election, Kimball officially joined the board in December and is the second member to have children attending the schools, a son who is a senior and a daughter who is a sophomore, both third-generation Nooksack Valley Schools students. 

"As a mom," she says, "I believe I bring an insider perspective to real situations happening in the schools. The success of the students and our district is my main concern." 

New to the role, Kimball doesn't have the history of working on the board but does have the perspective of her time living in the valley, having attended NV Schools herself and now having her own children move through the system. 

"I truly believe as a board it is important to be a real voice of our community," Kimball says. "I have been very involved in many aspects of NV Schools at all levels. It is so important for parents to feel like they can express concerns, share accolades and have access to board members in order to have their voices heard."