NV Board: Cheryl Thornton an Advocate for All Families

NV Board: Cheryl Thornton an Advocate for All Families
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In her 26 years on the Nooksack Valley Schools board, Cheryl Thornton has seen the level of communication, trust and commitment required to effectively run a school district. And it is a role she takes quite seriously. 

Thornton, who has had a farming business in the community for 44 years, has been involved in several community organizations and has had two children graduate from Nooksack Valley High School, originally started serving on the school board as a way to give back to the community while her children were in school. She felt it was a good place to help with policy development and community engagement. 

"I take being a board member very seriously and feel a duty to be an advocate for all students and their learning," she says. Thornton highlights the personal learning, communication and trust with school administration that goes on behind the scenes before an agenda item even reaches a meeting. "The board plays a major role in our school community, and I have seen the absolute willingness of the board to be representative for both the community and the students and their families." 

Thornton says the focus on success for all students has been an attribute defining Nooksack Valley Schools. "The administration, staff, community participation and support and overall trust that the community has in the district has been very powerful and very positive," she says. 

Looking to the future, Thornton believes the district must work on adaptability to ensure success for all students, navigating new strategies for teaching and learning. "We will always strive," she says, "to do what is best for our students and learning community." 

No matter the challenge, a board focused on the students has the heart of the community in mind. "I have learned that there are many ways to look at problems and situations, to be honest, adaptable and be an active listener," Thornton says. "These are all critical to being a good board member."