New Flowerbeds at NES Donated by RAM Construction

New Flowerbeds at NES Donated by RAM Construction
NV Media

RAM Construction celebrated 25 years in business by giving gifts to Nooksack Elementary School. The company’s employees worked to create a pair of raised flowerbeds near the entrance to the school, beautifying the entry to the building. 

“We are celebrating 25 years of business this year at RAM and we thought there wouldn’t be a better way to celebrate than giving back to our community,” says Sam Hammes of RAM. “We call these small or large acts ‘RAMdom Acts of Kindness’ and the goal is to get the whole company involved in one way or another.”

Hammes says employees love taking part in the efforts and are often the ones who come up with the ideas. The Nooksack Elementary project was born in a RAM staff meeting and NES principal Katie Brown helped determine that flowerbeds at the entrance was near the top of her wish list. “So,” Hammes says, “we made that happen.” 

For the Nooksack Elementary project, RAM had seven employees participate, including the company mechanic buildings the beds, traffic control workers delivering dirt and office staff planting recently with some help from teachers and students. 

“We value our relationship with the community,” Hammes says, “and we are so thankful for all support everyone has given us over the last 25 years.”