New Audio Engineering Class at NVHS Opens New Possibilities

New Audio Engineering Class at NVHS Opens New Possibilities
NV Media

Nooksack Valley High School students have a new class option—Audio Engineering—that gives them both a voice and a skill.

"I had been doing recording at home for a while and I thought that teaching recording and creating podcasts could be a great class," says Scott Gelwicks, NVHS teacher. "The hope is that we create something that gives some volume to student thoughts and voices, all while learning the ins and outs of audio recording."   

Gelwicks wants his 20 current students to gain a better understanding about modern communications, recording, podcasts and, ultimately, about themselves. "Being able to communicate in a modern world, like being able to put together podcasts and have a sense of broadcasting in general, are skills that for many could be beneficial," he says. "As we walk through the process, the hope is for all the students to become more comfortable with who they are and their abilities to communicate. These are great life skills and are important no matter what career a student chooses." 

Early in the class, Gelwicks says the students have taken to the tasks well. Already students are working on recording sound effects and following a script while recording. "It currently feels very positive," he says, "and I am hoping that as a class that positivity runs into excitement when they can share their work with others."