Kindergarten Students Take to School in Style

Kindergarten Students Take to School in Style
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The growing enrollment at Nooksack Valley Schools shows up across the grades, but with 77 new kindergarten students flooding Nooksack Elementary last week, it was an especially excitable bunch of new learners. 

"Honestly, you can't help but be excited because they come to school with so much energy," says Leeann Handy, Nooksack Elementary kindergarten teacher. 

From loving learning where to place their new backpacks and pencil boxes to having a first official recess, Handy says the kids start to soak up all the parts of a school day, including leaving their class for PE or music. 

Handy says the first month is about learning the routines of how to function in a classroom, such as what to do when they need to visit the restroom, how to sit in a group at the carpet, how to stay seated in their desk chair and then the ins and outs of using a pencil, writing their name, working with scissors and glue and the all-important task of forming and walking in a line. 

"Then, of course, we talk about how to be kind and what to do if you have a problem," she says. "These are just a few of the things we are learning the first week and beyond."