Everson Summer Book Bus a Point of Connection

Everson Summer Book Bus a Point of Connection
NV Media

The Everson Elementary Summer Book Bus comes full of positivity. And that doesn’t even count the academic value of keeping students engaged by reading throughout the summer. 

Through help from a grant via the City of Everson, Everson Elementary School stocks a bus with volunteer staff and books, rolling through the community every Thursday during the summer break to ensure students have free books in hand. They even provide community reading times. 

“This program is important in maintaining face-to-face connection with kids over the summer, to encourage them to keep reading and get them excited about books,” says Nicolle Klander, Everson Elementary librarian. “The Book Bus days are meaningful to staff and students alike.” 

During the program, staff get to check in with students, read with them and enjoy books in a fun and relaxed setting. Klander says past students also enjoy stopping in at the bus with younger sibling, which is “always a special treat.” 

The Book Bus is a constant part of the school year too, allowing students the opportunity to grab books to bring home whenever they need, often busiest before school breaks. “This way we can give books to students who may not have many books at home or may not have access to the local library,” Klander says. “Our Book Bus borrowing rule is simple; If you love it, keep it forever. If it’s not for you, bring it back so that someone else can love it.” 

There’s a lot of love of books going around the Everson community this summer, thanks largely to the Summer Book Bus.