Elementary Student Assignment Turns Into a Homeless Helper

Elementary Student Assignment Turns Into a Homeless Helper
NV Media

A writing assignment led one Nooksack Elementary student to encourage an entire school in community involvement. 

Nooksack Elementary student Nathaniel Arellano started in on learning the “how to” writing style and “that led him to a personal connection,” says teacher Jeanne Maxwell. Soon Arellano had turned his writing into a “How to Help Others” and explored seeing the best way to help the homeless population. 

Arellano wrote emails and letters for students to take home, all in an effort to collect items that could help a homeless individual. He also aimed to make delivering the items into a chance to create connections and turn the in-school effort into a real-world project. 

Nooksack Valley graduate and local pastor Gerald Bravo stepped in to help support the delivery of half of the items Arellano was able to raise, ensuring they will go to families in need within the community. The remainder of the items will be delivered to Bellingham. 

“Along the way,” Maxwell says, “Nathaniel learned that our school is full of people who care.”

Arellano says: “Spreading love makes the heart grow, just like the Grinch.”