Construction Career Day Part of Larger NVHS Effort

Construction Career Day Part of Larger NVHS Effort
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Options abound for graduates of Nooksack Valley High School. Staff want to ensure students know about those options. Miriam Hernandez makes it her mission to give students access to a variety of options, whether learning about two-year colleges and four-year universities, apprenticeships, trades and more during career days and field trips. 

Hernandez says school advisors meet with students throughout their time at high school, helping students in the college and university group understand how to apply for scholarships and schools, while students in the work force group learn about trades, experiences and how to apply for jobs that interest them.

During a recent Career Day, NVHS hosted roughly 35 different companies, showing off a wide range of career choices. “Students get the chance to participate in mini sessions to hear about each career in depth and ask questions,” Hernandez says. “Consider this speed dating, but for a career. This has been highly successful and beneficial to our students, especially since accessibility can be an issue in rural communities.” 

Hernandez says that NVHS offers field trips, such as a recent construction career day, to allow students a real-world example of opportunities. “Students might think they want an office job, but once they have a hands-on experience pouring concrete, handling heavy machinery or even just drilling some screws into a 2x4, they are instantly inspired,” she says. “I had many students tell me that they had a change of heart once this event was over. To hear them solidify post high school plans after having such cultivating experiences makes it so rewarding to the adults in our community that have supported them through their time in the district.”