Ballots are Out, Remember to Vote on NV Schools Redistricting Proposal

Ballots are Out, Remember to Vote on NV Schools Redistricting Proposal
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The November general election includes Resolution No. 11 for those living within the Nooksack Valley Schools' boundaries. 

Under the proposed resolution, the five-member board of directors for NV Schools would change from the current structure of five board members each representing one of five geographical districts to a five-member board of directors that features different members representing one of three geographical districts and two at-large members. 

For a detailed description and explanation, visit the Whatcom County's Voter's Guide

The proposal retains the uniqueness of the geographical districts currently in place and gives each of the three towns within the district a specific representative, but also opens two board seats to accommodate community interest, no matter what district the candidate lives in.

The timing of the proposal coincides with NV Schools undergoing a required redistricting as part of the 10-year census and, if approved by voters, would be in place ahead of the November 2023 election of three of the five seats. By placing the proposal on the general ballot in November 2022, it saves the district the cost of a special election. 

The idea of shifting from a fully districted board to a combination of districts and at-large positions has been discussed for over five years. The purpose behind the proposal aims to create more opportunity for interested community members to run for open school board seats. 

Under the current district parameters, a resident who lives in the Everson district, for example, could only run for the single school board position representing that member area. If approved, that same candidate could run for the Everson seat or either of the two at-large seats. 

Currently, all voters within the school district vote on each of the five positions, no matter if they live within the district's geographical area. The proposal does not alter this. 

If voters reject the proposal, the board will remain in five director districts. If approved, the current board will then collectively assign each specific director to either a district or an at-large position and current terms remain the same. 

This measure was brought forth by the NV Schools board to increase opportunities for the community to serve and was endorsed by the school board.