Appreciating NV's School Board

Appreciating NV's School Board
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By proclamation of Gov. Jay Inslee, January is School Board Appreciation month. This provides a great time for our school system and our community to show their appreciation and gratitude for these five duly elected volunteers. Steve Jones, Mark Olson, Cheryl Thornton, Jason Heutink and Halli Kimball have spent a combined 96 years in service to the Nooksack Valley School District, entrusted by the community with the responsibility for an annual budget of $33 million. 

School boards are charged with making decisions that are often quite difficult or require sifting through a great deal of information or legal ese. In Nooksack Valley, our board is charged with “ensuring the success of ALL students,” and they take their job very seriously. Every decision they are asked to make runs through that filter to provide our schools and staff with the resources they need to achieve this bold mission. By the very nature of their work, much of their interaction with the community can be concern driven. I hope you can find time over the remainder of the month to reach out and thank them for their efforts 

I personally would like to use this as my own opportunity to thank them publicly for their unwavering support of our district office, school-based staff, students and families. The support they show mirrors the support we feel from the community at large and is a big reason why NV schools are a great place for all children. 

With gratitude, Matt Galley, superintendent