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    October/November 2017

    Dear District Staff and Community Members;

    We are pleased to announce the availability of our new fitness centers for community use.  Our primary commitment with our fitness centers is the safe and structured use by our student/athlete population.  To this end, we have been able to add a “0” Period option for 30 of our students; we have also experienced an uptick in interest with our PE classes; we are looking at ways to supervise in the early afternoon for students not involved in a sport; and our sports programs are incorporating more use in and around their regular practices.

    Now that we have a better sense of our student use, we are ready to make hours available for staff/community use.  Our plan is to provide a schedule for both facilities that will allow adult access and not impact student use.  The following is our launch schedule:

    • MS: M-Th 4:45-6:45 PM

    • HS: M-TH* 7-9 PM

      • *Not available on home game nights where locker rooms will be in use

    To be eligible, you must either reside within the school district OR be a current employee of the Nooksack Valley School District.  You must complete all forms in this application packet and clear the background check. Once completed, the facility supervisor will take you through an orientation to ensure proper and safe use of all equipment. **Please turn completed application packets into the High School Office (Attn: Tami Stacy).

    We are excited to see how our initial schedule is utilized and we will monitor attendance and participation.  Depending on the community response we may take the following actions:

    • Reduce days/hours of use

    • Increase days/hours of use

    • Implement a user fee (like most districts already do)

    Thank you for your support to allow such facilities for our students and community to use.  We hope to find a balance that is sustainable for the district and available to the community for many years to come.

    NV PRIDE & Go Pioneers!



    To our Nooksack Valley School District Families: If you haven’t already done so, please use the Family Access link below to sign in and complete your student’s Annual Student Update Forms. Even if you expect to have no changes, we ask that you go through and submit each step so we know that you have reviewed what is currently in our system. Remember that you can use Family Access throughout the school year to track your student’s information. 

    Family Access Portal Website: http://family.nooksackvalley.wa-k12.net



    Good afternoon in the Valley,

    I wanted to take a brief moment to clarify our 'NV PRIDE' initiative as I've received a few questions from community members.  The questions have revolved around the absence of "pioneers" in the slogan.  The quick answer to that questions is that no, we are not trying to minimize our mascot in any way.  The goal of NV PRIDE was for our NV to become synonymous with a feeling of pride, excitement, etc.  We have a new school and school addition that will prominently display the 'NV' logo, the logo is on our letterhead, shirts etc.    Ultimately we want our students and families, alumni, and the community in general, to be proud of where we are from and who we are: Nooksack Valley Pioneers. Pioneers is who we are and will always be.  To address the confusion and best honor our community heritage, we will slightly alter our initiative to #nvpioneerpride.
    If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email or call me.
    Yours in NV Pioneer PRIDE,
    Matt Galley
    Nooksack Valley High School Principal



     Here we go!  The start of the 2017-18 school year is upon us and we’re excited to welcome back the children and families that we serve and partner with.  I’m sure your children have had opportunities to enjoy the summer sun, pursue interests and passions, work, and have fun.  I know that Aiden and Lukas (twin grandsons) are looking forward to third grade at Everson Elementary, as I’m sure your children are gearing up as well.

     The summer has been a bit busy on our end.  Both the high school and middle school construction projects have been in hyper drive.  Both projects continue to be keeping pace with original schedules and timeframes, but not without a great deal of effort.  Also, we have added a significant number of new and outstanding staff members.  We’re looking forward to having them join our team.

     You will be excited to hear about the various School Improvement efforts taking place across the district, and how they align around our four district wide work areas-Teach and Lead Well, Collaborative Culture of Continuous Learning and Growth, Authentic Engagement, and Differentiation. “NV PRIDE” has emerged as a district wide theme for the year.  You will have an opportunity to hear more about this, and participate in the effort, as the school year starts.  In the meantime, ask your principal about “NV PRIDE”.

     These past few years we have been thinking about the “opportunity gaps” that our children and families face as they navigate this world.  We want to do everything in our power to ensure that ALL children in our community have an equitable opportunity to thrive and succeed.  Of course, first and foremost for our school system, this means being the best we can be, every day, in our schools and classrooms.  In addition to our ongoing work to improve the instructional core, a number of other initiatives took shape.  Some of those include the elimination of “pay to play” and other fees, basic school supplies being provided by the district, college on our high school campus, and so on. This work will continue and expand.

     As we start this 2017-18 school year together, I want to continue to challenge us all to be “Treasure Hunters”- Caring adults who search beneath the surface to find all the talents, skills, characteristics, and intelligence that may be buried in our children and youth and can easily be overlooked.  A treasure hunter also has high expectations for all children.  This is someone who believes in you more than you believe in yourself, who believes and expects you can achieve things you may not believe you are capable of achieving.

     Let’s be treasure hunters with our own families, but let’s not stop there.  I want to challenge us all to be treasure hunters and “opportunity gap closers” for ALL children in Nooksack Valley.  Can you imagine the impact we can have on our children and community, if we all utilized our gifts to love and care for all children and families the way we desire our own children and family to be loved and cared for?

    With Excitement!  GO PIONEERS!

    Mark Johnson


    Note:  the poem below, inspired me as we start the 17-18 school year; 

    Good Morning!

    I love the way a new day feels

    Those moments when

    Yesterday’s memories

    Are slept into a docile file for later.

    When rest gives birth to new eyes

    That see a life with energy and hope

    And a chance to try again.

                            Jim R. Rogers



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