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Important information about Nooksack Valley School District

Bonds and Levies

What is the difference between a bond and levy? A simple way to think of the difference is that BONDS ARE FOR BUILDING and LEVIES ARE FOR LEARNING. Our recently passed bond issue (which passed by almost 70%) is paying for replacing our 1947 middle school, remodeling our high school (replacing the 1954 sections), and adding classrooms to Nooksack Elementary to account for growth. These bonds will be paid for over a twenty year period, much like a home mortgage.

Our current levy pays for about 20% of the operation of our schools. This includes additional teachers to lower class size, curriculum and instructional materials, technology, supplies, transportation, extracurricular activities (athletics, music, drama, etc.), professional development for our staff, and so on. We pass levies every four years.

When does our current levy expire? Our current levy expires in 2016. We will be running a replacement levy on February 16, 2016. Passage of this levy will replace the current expiring levy, and maintain our existing levels of support for the teaching, learning, and operations of our schools. All levies are critical for our students and allow us to provide quality education inside the quality school buildings our community has provided through bonds.

What is the status of the bond construction projects? Each of the three projects are progressing through the design phase. We are working with our architects to ensure that each design meets the needs of our students, staff and community, delivers on our responsibility to our community, and stays within the budget we have set. At this time, we are planning to bid and begin construction of our middle school and elementary classrooms in the spring of 2016. Our high school project is on track to begin construction in the summer of 2016.

At the same time we have just completed the formal application process to the state for receiving state “matching funds”. As a reminder, we are eligible to receive state assistance for both the middle school and high school projects. Original estimates indicate that we would receive about $7,500,000. Combining these funds with our local bond revenues will allow us to complete our projects as promised.

One final note for now. Those of you with middle school age students will be happy to know that we are now planning to build the new middle school directly behind the existing building. This means that none of our students will be taught in portable classrooms during the construction phase. Less disruptions mean more learning!