All of the elementary schools in Nooksack Valley School District recently held kindergarten registration for children who are planning to attend kindergarten in the fall of 2015.  In case you missed it and you are planning on sending your child to kindergarten, please register your child as soon as possible!  Our schools are planning for next year’s classes and it is very helpful to know our kindergarten enrollment numbers. 

    Preschool applications for 2015-16 are also being accepted at the district office.  Please contact Doreen at 988-4754 for more information regarding preschool.

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    All incoming kindergarten families (students and adults) are invited (and strongly encouraged) to attend all three nights of the Nooksack Elementary Get Ready for K!  It will be held from 5:45 - 8 p.m. on June 1, 2 and 3. This opportunity, along with materials and dinner, is being provided at no charge.  There will be free childcare available for siblings of kindergarten children.  Register for the class by calling the school office at (360) 966-3321.
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    Students and parent volunteers are asked to dress in a manner that promotes a learning environment and safety.  Appearance should be consistent with the following restrictions:

    1.     Shoes are required to be worn at all times.

    2.     Shorts and skirts must be mid-thigh or longer in length.

    3.     Spaghetti strap tops are not permitted unless a shirt, blouse or vest is worn over them. Sleeveless tops are expected to cover under-garments at all times. Bare midriffs are not permitted.

    4.     Clothing and other items that promote gangs and gang related activities, drugs/alcohol and tobacco products, or has sexual connotations are not allowed.

    5.     Dress and/or appearance which constitutes a clear and present danger to student/staff health and/or safety or which causes interference with work or creates a classroom or school disruption, will not be permitted.

    Clothing should be appropriate for the weather and for participation in playground and P.E. activities.  (If your child wears flip-flops to school, please have an extra pair of shoes in their backpack.  Flip-flops often break during school activities and hinder the child’s activity. Also, flip flops are not suitable for P.E.)


    Estudiantes y padres voluntarios se les pide que por favor se vistan de una manera que promover un medio ambiente de aprendizaje y seguridad.  La apariencia debe de consistir de las siguientes restricciones:

    1.     Deben de usar zapatos todo el tiempo.

    2.     Pantalones cortos y faldas deben de estar a mitad del muslo o más largo.

    3.     Blusas de correa de espagueti no deben ser usadas a lo menos usen una blusa sobre arriba.  Blusas sin mangas también no son permitidas.

    4.     Ropa u otros artículos que promover gangas o activadas de gangas, drogas/bebidas alcohólicas, productos de tabaco, o que tengan connotaciones sexuales no son permitidas.

    5.     Vestuario o apariencia que constituye o presente peligro a los estudiantes/personal, salud o seguridad que cause o interfiera con el trabajo o que sea una distracción en el salón de los estudiantes, no son permitidas.

    El vestuario debe ser apropiado para el clima y para la participación en el patio de recreo y P.E. (Si su hijo(a) usa sandalias para la escuela, por favor de traer otro par de zapatos en su mochila.  A veces las sandalias se rompen durante actividades en la escuela.  Sandalias no son adecuadas para usar en P.E.)

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Nooksack Elementary
Welcome to Nooksack Elementary! 
We are committed to working with you to
     ensure your child’s success in school .


The following is the next installment in our attempt to keep you updated on the progress of our construction projects.  As a reminder, our community passed a $28,000,000 bond issue with overwhelming support of almost 70% “yes”.  These funds, along with over $7 million in state matching assistance, will pay for a new middle school, various projects at our high school, and four new classrooms at Nooksack Elementary.

Bonds Sold

We have sold all of the bonds and the proceeds will be in our account by May.  The market was so favorable that we were able to sell them at what is called a “premium”.   The premium allowed us to sell all of the bonds and a) pay all of the costs associated with selling them, b) collect enough proceeds to make the first bond payment in December, c) sell them all at once, instead of in two installments, paying them off in one less year, and d) generate all of the $28,000,000 for our construction projects.  To cap it all off, this process also lowered our projected tax rate by about $.13 per $1000 less than originally anticipated.  This was a very good day for Nooksack Valley!


We have also tentatively selected architects for the projects.   Proposals from a number of architectural firms were solicited and received.  A committee then went through a process that ended with the selection of the Zervas Group Architects for our middle school and high school projects.  They are a local firm (Bellingham based) with successful experience with similar projects, both in scope and size.  King Architecture was selected for our Nooksack Elementary School projects.  David King was part of the architectural team that originally designed this school, making it a perfect fit for the work to be done there.  This firm is also local, with an office in Bellingham.  Both the Zervas Group Architects and King Architecture articulated a strong respect for Nooksack Valley and the investment being made by our community for our children.  Both were unanimous choices by our committee and we are excited to work with them.