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    2016-2017 School Year Calendar 
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    The first student day will be August 31, 2016.
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    Request for Non-Resident Admission/Choice Agreement Form 
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    Intent to Home School Form 2016-2017 
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    2016-2017 Preschool Immunization Requirements
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     Please click here to view the ASB Fund Balance Report for the 2013-2014 school Year.
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Here we go!  The start of the 2016-17 school year is upon us and we’re excited to welcome back the children and families that we serve and partner with.  I’m sure your children have had opportunities to enjoy the summer sun, pursue interests and passions, work, and have fun.  I know that Aiden and Lukas (twin grandsons) are looking forward to second grade at Everson Elementary, as I’m sure your children are gearing up as well.

It’s been a busy and exciting summer.  Two of three construction projects (Nooksack Elementary and Middle School) have begun and we open bids on our High School project before school starts.  A number of capital projects are also underway.  The school year will certainly be “different” and “interesting” at the three schools where construction will be taking place.  While we will always have needs to address, about one year from now our facilities will be in the best shape they’ve been in decades. Also, between retirement, movement within the district, and additional state funding, we have added a large number of outstanding new staff.  We’re looking forward to having them join our team.


As you know, we have spent time thinking about the “opportunity gaps” that our children and families face as they navigate this world.  We want to do everything in our power to ensure that ALL children in our community have an equitable opportunity to thrive and succeed.  Of course, first and foremost for our school system, this means being the best we can be, every day, in our schools and classrooms.  In addition to our ongoing work to improve the instructional core and our individual and collective abilities, a number of other initiatives began to take shape.  Some of those include the elimination of “pay to play” and other fees, basic school supplies being provided by the district, college on our high school campus, and so on. This work will continue.

As we start this 2016-17 school year together, I want to challenge us all to be “Treasure Hunters”- Caring adults who search beneath the surface to find all the talents, skills, characteristics, and intelligence that may be buried in our children and youth and can easily be overlooked.  A treasure hunter also has high expectations for all children.  This is someone who believes in you more than you believe in yourself, who believes and expects you can achieve things you may not believe you are capable of achieving.

Let’s be treasure hunters with our own families, but let’s not stop there.  Let us all be treasure hunters and “opportunity gap closers” for ALL children in Nooksack Valley.  Can you imagine the impact we can have on our children and community, if we all utilized our gifts to love and care for All children and families the way we desire our own children and family to be loved and cared for?

With Excitement! 


Mark Johnson

Nooksack Valley School District Needs Substitute Employees

Have you ever considered working as a substitute employee?  The role of a substitute teacher or staff member is highly valued by the District.  Substitutes provide services which allow the District to continue a quality educational program when a staff member is absent. Substitutes work in both certificated (teaching) and classified (support) positions such as:

  • custodians - night shift
  • food service workers
  • bus drivers
  • office support
  • teacher assistants

Substitute employment packets may be obtained at the District office.  If you are interested in finding out more information about either of these opportunities, or if you would like to have materials mailed to you, please contact the district office at (360) 988-4754.

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